Resolve Your Small Claims Case Online for Free!

If you are in a Small Claims case in Orange County, California, our Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) website may be able to help you negotiate with the other party and settle your case online. The negotiations are convenient, voluntary and confidential. All of our services are free and you can ask for a neutral ODR Facilitator to help you reach an agreement. Once you reach an agreement, your legal settlement or dismissal form can be e-filed.

Update: Our site is now set up for cases filed in West Justice Center.

Benefits of a Legal Settlement

  • Saves time and money.
  • Avoid having to go to court.
  • Resolves the dispute earlier on your own terms.
  • You can set up a payment plan. The Plaintiff is usually paid faster and easier than collection. The Defendant can avoid a judgment on their credit record if payments are made on time.

Community Legal Aid SoCal provides this site absolutely free of charge because of a grant from the Legal Services Corporation. Our neutral ODR Facilitators are qualified and experienced mediators from Waymakers, a non-profit that provides mediation at the Orange County courts. If you appreciate our services, you are welcome to make a donation to Community Legal Aid SoCal or Waymakers.

Create Account

How does it work?

Create an Account

You can create a free, secure account from any online device to get started. You will need to provide email addresses for both parties and enter the details of your case. If you do not know the email address of the party, go to Small Claims Resources.

We Invite the Other Party to Negotiate

We will invite the other party to create an account and negotiate with you.

Negotiate Online

If the other party accepts the invitation and creates an account, we will send you an email to let you know you can use your account to send messages and upload evidence.

Request an ODR Facilitator

You can ask for a neutral ODR Facilitator (limited number available) to help you reach an agreement. The facilitator guides the discussion and can help both parties clearly describe the issues, explore options, and reach a solution that both parties are willing to accept. For more information, see ODR FAQ.

E-file Your Form

Once you reach an agreement, submit your settlement or dismissal form to be e-filed. For a settlement, both parties must print and sign the same document and then you can submit it for e-filing.

Fill Out the Survey

Our ODR site is a pilot program so we need your feedback to evaluate and improve our services. To help us improve our site, please fill out the survey we will email you. We value your feedback.